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Does have its privileges!  Yet to become an SEF member an interested resident or business leader must be invited and sponsored by an existing member in good standing…meaning their annual dues must be current.  Perspective members must complete an official application and have it endorsed by the sponsoring Executive Forum member.  These properly completed applications are then reviewed by the Membership Committee to ensure that the proper residency or business status guidelines are met.

Current SEF members are encouraged to invite interested residents/business leaders to our monthly breakfast meetings to determine their level of interest and match within the organization.  A breakfast fee of $20 is collected for all quests.

  All members are responsible for communicating their attendance so that accurate counts can be provided to the businesses hosting our meetings.  Virtually all meetings are held at either MiCocina’s or at the Southlake Hilton both in Town Square.

In addition to the monthly meetings, the SEF Board also coordinates a summer and winter party at specific locations.  These activities are in addition to the monthly meetings and the cost for attending is included within a member’s annual dues. 

Annual dues are set at $150 for the entire year and are collected by January 31st of the following year.  New members who join throughout the year pay a prorated amount less then the full annual fee.  Current members who do not pay on time are charged an additional fee…so thank you in advance for staying current with your annual Southlake Executive Forum Membership fee!

Prospective Member Application

If you would like to become a member of Southlake Exceutive Forum, please complete this form and submit your payment via credit card. Thank you!



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