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The Southlake Executive Forum Board of Directors has worked diligently to provide the members with key note addresses from talented individuals from throughout the region.  All speakers provide insight into topics of relevance to the membership or of interest to the community.  What follows is a historical recap of the people who have spoken to the Southlake Executive Forum membership at the monthly breakfast meetings.  Members are encouraged to recommend speakers who may be of interest to the membership at large.



Jan.: Speaker:  Frank Bliss, "A Conversation About the Future of Texas Public Schools"

Feb.: Speaker: Northgate Construtors - DFW Connector

March: Carroll ISD Trustee Candidate Forum

April: Speaker:  Dan Lamers - Long Term Transportation

May: Program, How to Do Business in China

June: Speaker:  Reed Williams, M.D., Medical Development Director at LandPlan

July: Speaker:  Kelly Hancock, State Senator - 83rd Texas Legislature

August:  Giovanni Capriglione - Texas House of Representatives

September: U.S. Congressman Michael C. Burgess, M.D. - National Heathcare Issues


Jan.: Speaker:  Jon Daniels, General Manager of The Texas Rangers Baseball Club

Feb.: Speaker:  C-STAR - Carroll Students Transitioning to Adult Roles

March: Speaker:  Hal Wasson, CSHS Head Football Coach

April: Speaker:  Southlake City Council Candidate Forum

May: Speaker:  Mabrie Jackson, NTC's President and CEO

June: Speaker:  Robert Price, Director of Public Works for the City of Southlake

July: Speaker:  Jim Lites, President and CEO of the Dallas Stars

August:  Dr. David Faltys, Superintendent of the Carroll Independent School District


Jan.: Speaker:  Chuck Greenberg, Managing Partner and CEO of the Texas Rangers

Feb.: Speaker:  Transportation Experts updating the members on the progress being made on the highway construction around DFW Airport.

March: Speaker:  Kevin Jonas Sr., Jonas Group

April: Speaker:  Candidate's Forum for the CISD Board of Trustees

May: Speaker:  Candidates for the Southlake City Council

July: Speaker:  Speakers from Pro Players Foundation and Kids Matter

Aug.: Speaker: Kevin Ozee, Athletic Director Carroll ISD

Sept.: Speaker:  Sen. Chris Harris and Rep. Vicki Truitt

Oct.: Speaker:  Aslam Khan, Church's Chicken system

Nov.: Speaker:  David Faltys, Superintendent Carroll ISD

Dec.: Speaker:  Holiday Party


Jan.: Speaker:  Dr. Walter Gaman of Executive Medicine of Texas

Feb.: Speaker:  Candidate Forum for Tarrant County District Attorney

March: Speaker:  Carroll ISD School Board Candidates

April: Speaker:  Southlake City Council Candidate Forum

May: Speaker:  Robert Mazzuca, Chief Scout Officer, Boy Scouts of America

June: Speaker:  Bill Lively, CEO, North Texas Super Bowl XLV Host Committee

Aug.: Speaker:  Kenny Marchant, Congressman

Sept.: Speaker:  Southlake Town Square "You haven't seen anything yet!"

Oct.: Speaker:  Lou Ann Heath, Southlake Historical Society

Nov.: Speaker:  Ed Ireland Ph.D., Executive Director for the Barnett Shale Energy Education Council

Dec.: Speaker:  Holiday Party


Jan.: Speaker:  Jeff Kennemer, Senior Project Manager for Hines
Topic:  Carillon

Feb.: Speaker:  Bernard L. Weinstein Ph D., Director of ED, UNT
Topic:  How long can this keep going on? 

Mar.: Speaker:  Mike Moncrief, Fort Worth Mayor
Topic:  Fort Worth and the surrounding area 

April: Candidate Forum
Topic: Southlake City Mayor and City Council Candidates

May: Canditat Forum
Topic: Carroll ISD School Board Candidates

June: Josh Lewin
Topic: Texas Ranger Baseball

July: Summer Party

August: State Representative Vicki Truitt and State Senator Wendy Davis
Topic: Legislature Update

September: CISD Update
Ms. Erin Shoupp, President of the CISD Board of Trustees
Dr. David Faltys, CISD Superintendent 
Mr. Kevin Ozee CISD Athletic Director

October: Southlake City Update
Mayor John Terrell
City Manager Shana Yelverton

November: Tom Ehlmann
President & General Manager NBC 5


Jan.: Speaker:  Hon. Glen Whitley (Tarrant County Judge)
Topic:  New Tarrant County Judge reviewed credentials and vision for his position

Feb.:  Speaker:  Mr. Jack Bateman (GM Great Wolfe Lodge, Inc.)
Topic:  Reviewed the amenities and facilities of the new lodge opening in Grapevine

Mar.:  Candidate Forum:  CISD School Board Candidates Forum
Topic:  Candidates reviewed their credentials and visions for the Carroll ISD

April:  Candidate Forum: Southlake City Council Candidates Forum
Topic:  Candidates discussed their platforms and visions for the City of Southlake

May:  Speaker:  Ms. Julie Wilson (VP Chesapeake Energy, Inc.)
Topic:  A community outreach presentation regarding the economic impact of the Barnet Shale project

June:  Speaker: Mr. Tom Lane (ESP, Gateway Church, Inc.) 
Topic:  Reviewed the amazing growth plans for this progressive church community

July  Speaker(s):  Development Council
Topic:  Reviewed plans for growth and development in Southlake and surrounding communities


Jan:  Speaker:  Mr. Thad Levine (AGM, Texas Rangers)
Topic:  Reviewed player development strategies for the Rangers and “hope” for the future

Feb.:  Speaker:  Mr. Kevin Cox (COO, DFW International Airport)
Topic:  Reviewed facts and figures on the sheer size and economic impact that the DFW airport has on surrounding counties

Mar.:  Speaker:  Hon. Gary Fickes (Tarrant County Commissioner)
Topic:  New Commissioner shared his strategic vision for development throughout Tarrant County

April:  Speaker: Chief Wade Goolsby (Southlake Police Department)
Topic:  Reviewed his credentials and shared his vision for the Southlake Police Department

May:  Speaker:  Mr. Hal Wasson (Carroll SHS Football Coach)
Topic:  New head football coach of the Southlake Carroll Dragons

June:  Speaker:  Mr. Pat Summerall (Broadcaster)
Topic:  Shared his testimony regarding his recovery and beliefs

July:  Speaker:  Hon. Vicki Truitt (State Representative)
Topic:  Reviewed the important issues facing Tarrant County and their status within Austin

August:  Topic:  Mr. Jed Heflin (Dir. Stadium Dev. – Dallas Cowboys)  
Topic:  Gave us a “behind the curtain” look at the Cowboys’ operation and organization

September:  Speaker:  Mr. Eddie Gossage (Texas Motor Speedway - President and General Manager) 
Topic:  Presented facts and figures on the tremendous economic impact that TMS has on the region

October:  Speaker:  Ms. Fiona Sigalla (Res. Economist, Fed. Reserve Bank of Dallas) 
Topic:  Reviewed regional economic forecast and process for sharing information with teammates in Washington, DC

November: Speaker:  Mr. Jim Williams, Jr. (CEO, LandPlan Dev. Corporation)
Topic:  Reviewed plans for regional hospital within Southlake

December Members’ Annual Holiday Party (Farhat Residence)


Jan.:   Speaker:  Hon. Don R. Willett (Justice - Texas Supreme Court)
Topic:  Reviewed his re-election platform and goals for his next term

Feb.: (1) Speaker:  Dr. David Faltys (CISD Superintendent)

Topic:  New Superintendent shared his credentials and future vision for Carroll ISD

Feb. (2) Special Activity:  Grand Avenue Tour (Southlake Town Square)

Mar:  Candidate Forum:  CISD School Board Candidates Forum

Topic:  Candidates reviewed their credentials and visions for the Carroll ISD

April:  Speaker:  Mr. Todd Dodge (Carroll SHS Football Coach)
Topic:  An inspiring account of the success of our High School Football team

May:  Speaker:  Mr. Jeff Cogen (President, Texas Rangers)
Topic:  A top down look at the future strategic plans of the Texas Rangers

June:  Members’ Almost Annual Summer Party (Taylor Residence)

July:  Speaker:  Mr. Joseph DePinto (President/CEO, 7-Eleven, Inc.) 
Topic:  Shared strategic vision for the newly reorganized 7-Eleven

Aug.: Speaker:  Hon. David Kelly & Mr. Bill Lindley (Colleyville Mayor & City Manager)
Topic:  Reviewed ideas to emulate the Southlake model within their community

Sept.:  Speakers:  Dr. David Faltys & Ms. Jule Thannum (CISD)
Topic:  Update on the direction for Carroll ISD

Oct.:  Speaker:  Mr. Herbert Weitzman (Pres./CEO Cencor Realty)
Topic:  Development and launch of Central Market within Town Square
Nov.:  Speaker:  Local Charities (GRACE, Summer Santa and CEF)
Topic:  Shared successes of each organization

Dec.:  Members Annual Holiday Party (Farhat Residence)


Jan.:   Speaker:  Mr. Mike Berry (President, Hillwood Properties)

Feb.(1): Speaker:  Mr. Dan Truex (Grapevine – Economic Development Director)

Feb.(2): Activity:  DFW Tour (Pre-opening Terminal D)

Mar.:  Speakers:  Local Charities (GRACE, Summer Santa and CEF)

April:  Candidate Forum:  CISD School Board Candidates Forum

May:  Speaker:  Ms. Shana K. Yelverton (Southlake City Manager)

June:  Speaker:  Hon. Vicki Truitt (State Representative)

July: Speaker:  Mr. Steve Jacob (Publisher, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram NE)

Aug: Members Almost Annual Summer Party (Edmondson Residence)

 Sept.:  Speaker:  Dr. Diane Frost (Interim CISD Superintendent)

Oct.:  Speaker:  Hon. Kim Brimer (State Senator) 

Nov.:(1) Speaker:  Mr. Chuck Kelly (“The Voice of the Carroll Dragons”)

Nov. (2) Activity:  Golf Tournament (Timmaron Country Club)

Dec.:  Members Annual Holiday Party (Cooper & Stebbins)


Jan.  Speaker:  Mr. Miles Prestemon (Pres.-Newland Communities)
 Feb:  Speaker:  Hon. Kenny Marchant (U.S. Congressman)

Mar.(1): Speaker:  Dr. Gary Matthews (CISD Superintendent)

Mar.(2): Activity:  Gaylord Texan (Pre-opening Tour)

April (1): Candidate Forum:  CISD School Board Candidates Forum

April (2):  Candidate Forum:  Southlake City Council Candidates Forum
April (3):  Activity:  Golf Tournament (Timarron Country Club)
Topic:  Membership Outing: “Driving for More in 2004!!”

May:  Speaker:  Mr. Billy Campbell (Southlake City Manager)

June: Speaker:  Southlake Developer’s Roundtable (C&S, ARCHON)

July:  Speaker:  Hon. Bob Griggs (State Representative)


Aug.(1): Candidate Forum:  Southlake City Council Candidates Forum

Aug.(2):  Members Almost Annual Summer Party (Edmondson Residence)

Sept.:  Speaker:  Mr. Trent Petty (City Manager - Westlake)

Oct.:  Speaker:  Hon. Jane Nelson (State Senator)

Nov.:  Speaker:  Mr. Jeff Fagan (Exe. Director – DFW Int’l Airport)

Dec.:   Members Annual Holiday Party (Cooper & Stebbins)

Jan:  Speaker:  Mr. David Lieber (Columnist - Ft. Worth Star Telegram)

Feb:  Speaker:  Hon. Kim Brimer (State Senator)

Mar.:  Speaker:  Mr. Bret Ship (Reporter - Channel 8 News)

April (1): Candidate Forum:  Southlake City Council Candidates Forum

April (2):  Candidate Forum:  CISD School Board Candidates Forum

May:  Speakers:  City of Southlake 2025 Committee

June:  Members Almost Annual Summer Party (Into the Glass)

July:  Speaker:  Hon. Michael Burgess (U.S. Congressman)

Aug.:  Speaker:  Hon. Glen Whitley (Tarrant County Commissioner)

Sept.:  Speaker:  Hon. Vicki Truitt (State Representative)

Oct.:  Speaker:  Hon. Kay Granger (U.S. Congresswoman)

Nov.:  Speaker:  Mr. Scott Murray (CEO, Murray Media World)

Dec.:   Members Annual Holiday Party (Blue Mesa)


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