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Originally formed in 1998, the Southlake Executive Forum was founded by fellow Southlake residents Brad Bradley, Darcy Anderson and Mike Farhat.  With the anticipated growth and expansion of Southlake and the 114 corridor, these leaders believed there was a special need to bring business and community leaders together on a regular basis to exchange ideas and share with each other.  Today’s Forum brings to the membership topics of current interest to residents as well as monthly updates on issues and activities facing the City of Southlake and the Southlake Carroll Independent School District.  In addition and when their schedule permits, elected local and state representatives share with the group information of relevance either within the county or within session in Austin.

Now almost ten years in existence, the Southlake Executive Forum has grown to almost 200 members from the original group of three.  Members have commented that they enjoy learning what they hear at the monthly meetings and in many cases value their membership based on “what we learn” at the breakfast meetings.

Looking back over the growth of the group, Judge Bradley reminisces about “what started as a small group that we called ‘where the elite meet to eat’ the Executive Forum has grown beyond anything we imagined.  Yet with growth comes the excitement of bringing together the diverse business leaders and guest speakers that a community like Southlake attracts,” stated Judge Bradley. 

If you really want to know “what is going on” within Southlake, Texas, consider becoming an Executive Forum member.  You will love the experience and meet a great group of people!

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